Gran Skrea Online - Medieval-Fantasy MMORPG

    About The Game

    Gran Skrea Online invites players to create their own destiny in an original world of medieval fantasy.

    Embark on varied and challenging quests, square off in ruthless PvP combat, or write your character’s story through an unstructured economy, player-created guilds, and custom storytelling tools.

    The mythology and danger of Gran Skrea await adventurers seeking new experiences in a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game!

    Quests & Role-Playing

    Learn about the cohesive and meaningful lore behind the residents of Gran Skrea and their Immortal gods. Explore vast lands and discover a variety of distinct cities and cultures.

    Open World PvP

    Random and unpredictable, as players will be fighting in the wilds without knowing their opponents equipment or level. Open World PvP requires raw combat skills as well as knowledge about the environment around them. You will be able to loot some of your defeated opponent's items, but be careful, there are repercussions for criminal activity - think twice before slaying innocent people!

    Crafting & Combat Skills

    Over 20 combat and crafting skills to level up, unlocking new content and abilities. There are no class restrictions, build your character just the way you want.

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